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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Icy morning

Friday was a "day in town". It was a beautiful frosty morning, still, clear and bright in Stromness. So I decided to take a drive out to Stenness and go for a walk along the shore of the loch before my morning appointments. The loch has "brackish" water as it's also fed from the sea, so an element of salt is in it, however it still freezes. The best photos were from the top of the hill but I couldn't stop the car as there was traffic behind so had to content myself with "ground level" photos.

Despite some ice the swans were still able to swim around the loch. In the background you can see the neolithic stone circle of the Ring of Brodgar.

And this is an optical illusion - it is two stones from the Standing Stone circle at Stenness. The sun was shining on Stromness and the West Mainland but in the East were snow clouds gathering and I drove into Kirkwall in a blizzard!

But on returning to Stromness - not a snow flake in sight! Below is the ferry, Hamnavoe, which travels between Stromness and Scrabster in the North of Scotland. As you can see - the ferry dwarfs the town buildings.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts and pics. I live in the US and desperately want to travel to Scotland one of these days. Until then, I'm glad to have your blog.


  2. Gorgeous. I really enjoy your posts, too. My husband and I will travel to Orkney for the second time this summer - lucky us! Really looking forward to it. In the meantime, I am a big fan of your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    Seattle, WA, USA

  3. Stacia - glad you enjoy my blog and the pictures. Hope you do get to Scotland sometime. The landscape in the country is so varied from the lowlands, to the highlands and the many isles!

    Louise - Glad you are returning to Orkney. My email address is in my profile so do email me when you are visiting and even if you don't have time to visit Graemsay we could perhaps meet for coffee in town.