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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Snow Cat

Yesterday was beautiful with a thin layer of snow crunching beneath footfall. Button decided I needed to go for a walk with her. She has a very demanding tone which she uses as she stands outside the door - "Get your boots and coat on and get some fresh air, woman!" So we set off to to walk along the shore. Above is Sandside Bay, with snow dusting the Hoy Hills behind - looking all the world like a Christmas Pudding with a dusting of sugar - where's the Holly?

Below Button was finding it tedious that I kept stopping to take photos. This just goes to show that she has good thermal insulation - it's SNOW she is lying on not sand!

The tide was coming in and melting the snow. Fascinating to watch......

And Button clearly thought the above picture lacked some focus - so she provided it.....

Below are some oystercatchers keeping their feet out of the icy water - who can blame them

And - er - here is Button trying to work out how she can get to the aforementioned oystercatchers...... sigh..... she is far too curious for her own good!


  1. Such a lovely place you live! I'd happily do a lot more walking if I had such a place handy to do it in. And such a good companion on my jaunts.

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  3. Button is definitely adventurous - but how could she resist such temptation?

    Love the photos. What a gorgeous area you live in!

  4. Have always wanted to visit the Scottish Islands. Will do one day. Now based in France and Bulgaria though but grew up in Cumbria.

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  5. Very calm and very pretty photos. Well-snapped!
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  6. Pat - it's surprising how complacent I've become about having a beach on my doorstep - sigh.

    Talon- Yes Button is certainly adventurous. I do fear for her sometimes!

    Rachel Hope you get to visit Scotland's many islands - they are all quite different even from each other. France and Bulgaria are quite a change from Cumbria!

    Anonymous - Glad you like the photos.

    Garden Tips - personally I think Button has found Kitty Paradise - though she would probably argue a point there!

  7. Oh how extraordinarily beautiful! Snow on the sand...the sea. Wonderful photos. I can smell the air. I want to be there!

  8. Sian, for months I follow your blog, thanks for the photos you share on the blog. Greetings from Italy.
    Anna Maria