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Friday 1 October 2010

A bit windy.....

October means the start of the gales in Orkney which will continue now through till April!)..... well we had some in September, and now, 1st October, they are back again..... Photo is of the "Graemsay" Ferry coming into the pier at lunch time today. Glad I wasn't on this boat! (Yes I know the picture is kind of blurry but it was taken inside through the window - not even for "art" will I go outdoors in this!!)

I did have some groceries coming over from Flett's the Butcher in Stromness, but neighbours kindly offered to pick the box up for me. The wind is from the South East which is not good for our pier and I'm always afraid of being blown over being a "pixie-sized" person!


  1. Never go outside for "arts" sake. Good picture to show the weather and keep out of the wind as much as you can.

  2. Oh my goodness, glad I wasn't on the boat either! I think you were very wise to batten down the hatches and keep well away from the pier. Hope you get a few calmer days between now and April!

  3. Walrus21 - yes it's that time of year again when wild weather is about, and you're right no risks should be taken!

    Dancingeastie - we've had some lovely autumn days too, though still a little breezy at times.