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Sunday 2 January 2011

Water problems continue for some....

Firstly - Happy New Year to everyone and may 2011 be a great year for you!

Now back to water....sigh.... Scottish Water workmen restored the water supply to our island storage tank on Hogmanay, but by this time a number of households and farms had completely run dry. My water continues to flow, however several households are still without water. We *think* the problem is that air locks are preventing water going to some of these houses (which are the same ones as ran dry). Unfortunately there are no scheduled ferries to the island this weekend, but we are hoping that an engineer will come out on scheduled run from Stromness tomorrow and sort out the remaining problems.  Meanwhile neighbours are distributing water to those in need, and the water storage tank continues to fill up.  It's hoped that once the water tank (which also ran completely dry) gets above a certain level, another pump can be switched on which may increase the pressure and help move on some of the air locks. Meanwhile I am grateful that I live at the bottom of the hill and still have water! Graemsay may only be 65 ft above sea level at it's highest point but that's just enough to give me excellent water pressure.

The rest of "New Year" went well.  Most of the island went up to Fillets, the farm on the hill, for Hogmany and to see in the new year. Lots of food and whisky flowed freely! Yesterday it was "first footing" around the island and in the evening another wee party at Breckan, where again food and whisky flowed freely.

I only made one New Year's resolution : to Have More Fun in 2011!! Hope you all do too.....!


  1. Have more fun than going to Paris with me? That's going to take some doing!!! How about coming to see me in London the week after Easter? It's looking like Miss Emily is going to choose to go there for her trip.

  2. Whoooooo Hooo!!!! That's a deal!!!