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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Gardening begins!

Today has been a gloriously sunny and "almost warm" day - a strong breeze has just taken the edge off the sun.  But it's a change from yesterday when we had rain and gales!  Which was rather unfortunate as we had a "photography course" on the island, another course arranged by the Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership. This time Jamie McVie from the Orkney Camera Club came out to give us some tips on taking good photos.  Um... I'm not sure any of today's photos reflect the lessons learned!  And no I have none from yesterday - mostly just practising.  My camera is just a simple "point and shoot" digital camera so I am limited in settings so may not be able to do much "fancy stuff", but did learn some things in the way of composition. I yearn for one of those flashy SLR digital cameras, but I doubt I would use it much - I love my compact camera as it slips into my pocket and I take it wherever I go.......

Anyway back to today, oooh the weather.... SPRING!   Oh yes I'm a happy bunny as, at last, I can begin "spring cleaning" the garden!  I have seed tatties to plant (a Pentland variety as well as Desiree) so wanted to turn the soil over and get things ready for them.  The mulch matting (silage plastic) proved very successful in keeping the weeds at bay since autumn and survived the gales.

The hens (and cockerel) were delighted that once again I was gardening and providing them with the opportunity for light snacks of juicy worms.

I'm not quite sure WHAT this hen is saying to the cockerel - maybe "Hallo Gorgeous"?!

Camouflage cat in her usual position under the wheelbarrow!


  1. Shame about the weather yesterday, Sian, thugh glad it's nice for you today. Lovely photo.

  2. Sian, saw your facebook "Like" for Orkney Birding and was reminded of how much I enjoyed Orkney birds last year. Lapwings, oh my! I did a bird walk this morning and saw some lovely ones - green heron, rufus hummingbird, belted kingfisher, pileated woodpecker and more. Uh oh, I'm a twitcher!

  3. Perpetua - the weather is always "changeable" in Orkney, but it would be nice to have a "settled" spell.

    Louise - ooh you have such exotic birds! I'd love to see a humming bird for real....