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Wednesday 20 April 2011

Spring sunset....

There was a beautiful sunset on Sunday, unfortunately at the moment our weather is characterised by mild weather, half a day of sun followed by 2 days of mist..... this is NOT what is supposed to happen... we are meant to get TWO days of sun then the mist......sigh...... We've also been short on rain, although the grass seems to be growing OK and plants in the garden are moving on apace. Though the ground has yet to warm up before I can plant my tatties. Meantime - I just enjoy the sun when I can!

The sun gives Hoy High a natural light!

The Hamnavoe ferry arriving from Scrabster (Scottish Mainland).


  1. Am sending the rain your way.
    Lots of it. Blowing from the west. Should be there any day now. (with the below 0 temps, too)

    Do you want any snow?

  2. Gorgeous sunset, Sian, though shame about the imbalance in the island weather.It's quite varied here on the north coast too, though we haven't had the mist as yet.

  3. Even a mist would be welcome here ... summer has yet to depart!
    Love the light 'play' on Hoy High. It has an almost etheral quality.

  4. Excellent photos by the photographer. I appreciate him

  5. VioletSky - well no rain arrived here yet! Driest April on record even in Orkney.

    Perpetua - Hope you enjoyed your trip North.

    Shirlwin - Spring has definitely arrived here at last! Though still a little cool, sunshine over the last two days which has been lovely.

    WindForecast - thank you! (Though "him" is a "her" ;-)