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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Wishing you health, happiness, joy and laughter in 2013.......

I saw the New Year "in" with island friends who all gathered together for a party at one of the farms on the island. Lots of lovely food, some whisky and good chat! I'm not really a "night owl" so headed for home about 1.30am while others didn't leave till about 5am I hear!

Today there was time for "first footing",  and I visited Irene & Bobby at the other end of the island along with other neighbours. New Year is always a very sociable time on Graemsay!

Earlier today I did find time to go for a walk though it was cold and quite breezy.  "Bracing" is the word I'm looking for I think!  And - er - invigorating! As a consequence I only ventured down onto the shell beach which is just a few yards from the house.

Button came along too but was protesting loudly as the wind ruffled her fur! She didn't stand still long enough for me to take any photos and was back home before me again!

A friend went for a walk long the West Coast of the Orkney Mainland at Yesnaby where the sea was frothing around the base of the cliffs. Magnificent!

This sea stack is known as Yesnaby Castle

Sleety showers rattle against the window panes and the wind is getting up. I do hope the weather pattern is a little more benign and kinder to us all in 2013!


  1. It looks pretty darn invigorating !

    Happy New Year to you too !

    1. LOL! Yes that's one word for it!

  2. A belated Happy New year to you too, Sian, now we're home again. Your photos are great, but it does look cold. Milder but still damp here, but the sun shone on New Year's Day and it has at least stopped raining for the moment. :-)