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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Winter weather...

I've not been posting much as I've not been doing much apart from working! No significant snow falls here yet, just a sprinkling so far in some parts of Orkney. Temperatures are hovering around freezing for the most part. The wind also adds the "wind-chill" factor so it's felt very cold for the last few days.

Today the wind died down for a while but it's been blowing for several days in a row. The direction is not good for our pier, so although the water might not look that "choppy", our ferry has trouble coming alongside the pier. We've had more cancellations to our service, and the children have missed a few more days from school.  I'm sure they don't mind but I also think they would prefer SNOW!  They may get their wish yet!!

The choppy sea between us and Stromness on the Orkney Mainland

Meanwhile as I still can't get outside much I've been baking.  A fruity sponge traybake and some little lemon cakes.

This was taken on a run up to the post box to post some letters. Looking back at Hoy High Lighthouse and "home".


I don't participate in "commercialisation" with my blog. However one site has kindly named my blog as one of their "15 Brilliantly Unusual Blogs" so the least I can do is put a link back to them HERE  They do have some lovely things in their catalogue too so I might just be tempted ;-)


  1. We are also experiencing rather a lot of wind - and the subsequent windchill (-29 at the moment) and also no snow. but I am now glad to not be living on an island. though it shouldn't make much difference as I am not going anywhere - I even cancelled a dinner date because I am such a wimp.

  2. How cold is it with the wind chill ? We're having an unusually cold winter here in Nova Scotia. Gonna be -20 C tomorrow with the wind chill ... sigh ...

  3. Gosh, that does look choppy, Sian, and after the arctic temperatures during my April visit, I can well imagine how cold it feels in January. I love the snow on the Hoy hills. :-)

  4. Dear Sian, I am new to blogging in general and this is my first attempt to post a comment. I wanted to thank you for sharing you life with us as I have been following your blog for several months. My husband, grandson and I are planning a visit to the Orkney islands in June and I have been "devouring" everything I can on the subject. Yours is a unique perspective and I have enjoyed learning about life on your small island. Thank you, Beth

  5. Well done on being super inspiring! Not much to do the now aside cooking and staying out of the wind. :-) hope the kids get a snow day soon, seems only fair, you cant make a snow man out of the wind!