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Sunday 10 March 2013

Pier Arts Exhibition....

Well someone is messing with time again - it's speeded up!  A whole week since I last did that happen?  The Walrus has left our shores, a pod of Orca whales were spotted between Graemsay and the island of Hoy....and it snowed... yes Winter has returned. To be expected but unwelcome in THIS house!

Anyway, I realised I hadn't shared some of the photos I took of the latest Pier Arts exhibition in Stromness. This exhibition is of work by Orkney's Arts Graduates from 2011 to 2012. Students who are from Orkney and have been working on art degrees at Universities around Scotland.  I went to this exhibition with Leslye Budge of Longhope, Hoy, also an artist. I loved getting her insight into the process and the work these young artists have put together.  So - here are a selection. Unfortunately I managed to mislay my notes on who did what which is outrageous for the artists....sorry!  But I'm sure you will agree it's a magnificent display from a very talented bunch.  I treated myself to a piece of jewellry by Marion Foulis. No photos as the glass reflected the lights too much and didn't do justice. But take a look at her blog.

These paws had a slightly sinister feel to them....not sure why....

Such a range of different media were used.  This was one of my favourites - partially worked on a 3D printer. Now THAT blows my mind!

These photos were part of artwork submitted by a local artist AND Musician.  Hmm think her name is Louise Bichan

I loved these designs, particularly the one on the left - and no I don't have the figure for it!

These boxes were made individually and contain pottery with old photographs and mementos embedded.

I love these fabrics, delicate leaves and tracery on the fabric

And this sculpture was also one of my favourites. Very organic. And there were accompanying photos of these sculptures placed in the landscape.

Meanwhile upstairs there was an exhibition of work from the local primary schools, called the "Peedie Pier" (peedie means small in Orcadian).  Again there was a great display and I'm sure some of these kids will be exhibiting "downstairs" in the future.

I love the gallery space. Upstairs are the permanent exhibits, a large number are from Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson and their group.  This one shows the gallery off - lots of glimpses through the gallery to draw the eye and the feet! The sculpture in the case is unmistakably a Barbara Hepworth.....

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