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Friday, 29 March 2013

Supplies arrive!

Photo courtesy of Mick's webcam - the island in the distance with the wind turbine on is Flotta, about 15 miles away.

Our ferry was back in service yesterday, to Graemsay at least, and I got some urgently needed supplies delivered.... cat food (for Charlie in the barn), milk, and..... yes chocolate and biscuits!! And a neighbour got some Hot Cross Buns for me from town... yum toasted!!  So I am all set for the weekend....

I'm doing fine for cake - thanks for asking.  I usually have plenty of ingredients and can do *something* in the cake line in an emergency!  This one is a chocolate and orange cake (a Mary Berry Quick Cake recipe).

So - I'm all sorted for a day or two!  I don't think the problems have been solved with the ferry engines but at least we are getting some service back now.  Unfortunately Moaness, on Hoy, are still without some of the services but this time due to low tide.  So I shall be grateful for small mercies!


  1. Hurray! You couldn't have had Easter without chocolate, Sian. :-) Not being able to get to the shops either, I made hot cross buns today, using the bread machine for the dough, and they are lovely.

    1. I did consider making hot cross buns but I haven't had great success with them in the was glad of the emergency ration drop!