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Friday, 5 April 2013

Sun still shines....

Extraordinary weather we are having here in Orkney. NO wind, calm seas, SUNSHINE, no rain or snow or sleet.  Sharp frosts are night but blue skies and warm sunshine during the day.... This week has been busy with work and I'm trying to fight off some evil virus.  So far I am winning - let's hope that continues! And this week my camera has been despatched to my camera guru, Derek, to see if he can fix the dust spots on the lens. Meantime he's lent me one of *his* cameras. So here are some photos taken today, it was a joy not to have to deal with large blobs on the lens!!

The sea was very calm this evening but a bank of cloud is coming in.....

Ealier today Button and I were down on the shell beach. I think she's still waiting for Owl with the pea green boat...

Camouflaged cat!

The water is so clear in the pools....

An old rusty winch on the old stone pier....

The charred remains of the old wooden boat, burned last summer....

As we walk back to the house, we spy Charlie the barn cat. He's enjoying the sunshine too. He's a very shy boy and prefers to keep his distance....

Back at the house, the crocus are blooming....

And the buds are out on the willows...

Lots of buds!

Ah.... it was lovely to take photos without trying to disguise a blob!!


  1. That sky! Lovely photos and I do hope your camera can be fixed. I think we have your mislaid wind, though from the wrong direction. Do you want it back?

    1. Hmmm I thought I'd refused your kind offer of the return of the wind ....... I shall label it "Return to Sender" forthwith ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Babzy. I enjoyed taking them.

  3. Replies
    1. So do I!! They really signify Spring to me! Sadly they are getting battered by the wind tonight.

  4. Crocus and pussy willow ... gorgeous!!! I haven't seen either in this part of Australia yet it was a huge part of my NZ life. Thank you.

    1. I love both as they are such a part of Spring!!