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Saturday 13 April 2013

Sunshine and blue skies....

The last few days have been glorious with sunshine and blue skies. Still only a chilly 7 degrees C but with sunshine the house feels warm and out of the breeze even *I* feel warm again!  But the weather is changing and as I type I can hear the wind "getting up" outside and the clouds have arrived, so no hope of seeing an Aurora (Northern Lights) tonight despite the recent solar flare.

But I've been out enjoying the sun on my face (well I need to top up my Vitamin D levels!).  I also have a new toy - a new iPod Touch complete with an inbuilt camera.  It won't replace my proper digital camera but it might saveit from lots of dust on the lens!  I can pop my iPod in my pocket when I am just out and about and save my DC for when I have more time to play -er - use it properly.

So.. here are a selection of photos taken yesterday and today with my new toy!  Top - the panorama feature is fun - it rather distorts the landscape, there's a bit of "continetal drift" going on in it for those that know this landscape well (the path has a dog-leg in it in the photo it doesn't have in real life). But the further landsape of the bay and hills is in proportion.

Button, of course, accompanied me on my walk, though she was getting a bit fed up as I was taking so much time and NOT paying HER much attention....

The sea has been so calm...

So flat - I could walk to Stromness - hmm well OK maybe not!

Meanwhile Charlie-Boy, the barn cat, was out enjoying the sunshine too. He's normally a very shy boy but posed for the camera

Meanwhile the sheep near Sandside have been lambing.....

That's it for today!


  1. You have had the best of the sun in the North and West recently. Windy here today as well, but the wind has brought sudden warmer temperatures - startling after so long.
    The picture quality is great for such a small gadget.

    1. We have a gale tonight! But at least the temperatures are milder. Yes I'm pleased with the picture quality given it's "just" an iPod...

  2. I bet the northern lights are wonderful in the Orkneys.

    I can't get enough of your lovely scenery. I think your new "camera" is wonderful. Love the panorama feature.

    Orkney is at 59 degrees north and Nova Scotia is at 45 degrees north, and yet your temperatures are well above where we are now. Damn that gulf stream !

    Our high today is only two degrees. S'pozed to get up to 9 or so by mid-week.

    1. Oh yes Sybil they are!! When I first moved here about 14 years ago there was the most magnificent display. Since then they have been beautiful but not as stunning as that first display which filled the sky.

      I like the panoramic feature too - hope to play with it lots more too

      Oh dear - sorry you are having chilly temperatures. We were up to 13 yesterday but it was down to 9 today....and now with the gale who knows!

  3. Just look at that dead-calm sea and those blue skies! I'm glad that for once you've had the best of the weather, but I fear you will be paying for it over the next few days. Sigh....

    1. Um...yes, tonight is payback time it would seem! 50mph gusts rattling the windows..... battened the cat flap and am heading under the duvet!