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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Dunkeld and Birnam (Perthshire).....

I mentioned a few posts ago about the lovely Wellyfest (wedding) I went to in Birnam. Well another friend and I stayed in the small town of Dunkeld, which was within walking distance, and had the added attraction of - um - cafes with cake!  Several were visited given how wet the weekend was - and that was in just one day!  Anyway here are some photos of the area.  I really loved it - I'd forgotten what a proper Autumn looked like with the trees changing colour. In Orkney they go from green to black with the wind, or get blasted off their branches while still green.  They rarely have the chance to go yellow, or orange, or russet..... so I was in heaven wandering around Dunkeld and then Birnam wood.....

There was a proper river. And given the rain all weekend it was a rushing, roaring river too. Quite magnificent.

The River Tay

With small islands (the mist is shrouding most of the landscape....)

And a bridge..... this was built by Thomas Telford in 1809, linking Dunkeld and Birnam

There were graceful sweeps in the river, tree lined of course

There were sneaky peaks of the river down little lanes, bordered by lovely whitewashed cottages

And glimpses of the town from walks along the river....

And from the bridge...

Hidden behind the white building at the end here is a lovely Cathedral, but there were two weddings there the day I was wandering around the town so I didn't get a close look.

And I mentioned cake..... first there was french toast and maple syrup in the wonderfully named "Spill the Beans" cafe.... delicious coffee too.... then after a wander round the town it was time to dry off in Palmerstons with the most delicious freshly cooked jammy donut...still warm.... oh yum....

And then more walking among trees.... BIG trees.....

And in Birnam, the Birnam Oak... It's apparently one of the oldest trees in the area, though unlikely to have been around when Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, and mentioned Birnam Wood.

And walking towards Birnam, something of a surprise... Peter Rabbit??? Beatrix Potter???!

Apparently Beatrix Potter was inspired to write tales of Peter Rabbit from her walks around the area on her visits. There wasn't time for ME  to walk round the garden as I was on my way to help set up for the wedding reception. I probably couldn't have found an "appropriate adult" to accompany me anyway ;-)

And then onto Birnam wood itself....sigh... such beauty..... (and that was just the bride - tee hee!).  The river rushing past minding it's own business....

So busy.....

And then the tranquillity of the centre of the Wellyfest......

Loved Dunkeld and Birnam.... hope to visit again one day, and maybe have tea with Mrs Tiggy-winkle, and hear more about Beatrix at the exhibition at the brilliant Birnam Arts Centre (where the Wellyfest reception was held, great place, wonderful staff - not phased by being asked "Where can I wash these banana leaves, please? or "Do you have a very large bucket or dustbin we could use for a floral display?").  Would be nice to see it in the sun next time....


  1. what beautiful photos (as always)...and timely, too, since I just saw MaBeth last week.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the entry! Not one of my most favourite plays but I could certainly imagine "The Weird Sisters" among the trees :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! And thank you for taking the time to comment :-)

  3. Looking forward to getting back there sometime for a proper look - we never got the chance for a look around and the town looks lovely. Did get to the Oak though - I have some photos of that somewhere - although not many as I had a small hairy Haggis pogo-ing next to me and begging to carry on walking!

    1. Heee yes hairy Haggis is always so impatient - lots more smells to smell at the next tree and the next!!

  4. Lovely photos. That cake/treat looks so delish. Was that a single serving ? or to be shared ?

  5. Super photos, Sian. We pass by Birnam and Dunkeld every time we head north on the A9, so we really must stop and visit sometime.

    1. Oh you MUST take time to stop sometime. And do let me know what the inside of the cathedral is like!