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Monday, 4 November 2013

Halloween on Graemsay

Witches, vampires and ghosts were abroad on Graemsay on Friday night.  But they all got scared off by the Graemsay folk in fancy dress for the annual Halloween Party!

There were traditional games to be played (organised by head witch, Irene Mathieson)

Dookin' for apples

Eating donuts without using your hands!

The eye and spoon race

The "Mummy" Race (wrapping up Daddies!)
Of course there was plenty of food, as ever. A new perspective on "finger food".... Our furry friend didn't seem too keen on those...

Then it was time for the children to do their party piece, tell a joke, sing a song, or dance...

Some needed help from Granny Witch
And a chance for young witches to strut their stuff to some spooky sounds.....

This witch made sure she was home well before Midnight - just in case things got a little too wild!!


  1. What a wonderfully close community you are ! What fun ! Life lived the way it should be.

  2. Wanted to tell you how much I've been enjoying the SealCam you tipped us off to. I've got a link on my desktop and pop over when I need a break from working (I, too, work from home). Even though I'm in Texas which is 6 hours later than you, because of my odd hours, I get a goodly amount of "daytime" viewing.

    1. Glad you get a good view! Though the Sealcam can become rather obsessive I find....sigh...

  3. Brilliant fun, Sian, I too love 'finger food'. :-)

    1. Hmmm couldn't bring myself to eat them though. LOL!