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Sunday 22 December 2013

Graemsay Christmas Party

Friday night was the Graemsay "Children's" Christmas Party...I put "children's" in quotes as the adults have as much fun too.  Tee hee!!

First the girls show how the Balloon Race should be run....

Then some of the auld (old) folks have a go....

While a wee lass looks on bewildered at her first experience of a Graemsay party!

Then there was the chocolate egg and spoon race.... the girls again showing how it's done...

And Musical Arms (dating from a time when the hall only had benches, so no musical chairs - and we have to continue the tradition of course!).

And a wee lassie needs a helping.... um. elbow!

Then there is pass the parcel.... separate games for adults and children....

and the snowball ok with newspaper...snow balls melt and get wet....

Then it was time for Santa to call, bringing presents for the children....

A wee boy meets Eeyore....

Grandad has to look after Eeyore while a chap has his supper with Granny.....

"Miss" (Irene, who used to be the teacher on the island, and has been partying since 1986 or so she told me today!  Oh sorry, I think she meant she has been *running* the parties since 1986....hee hee) handing out presents to the wee ones....

And here are the children of two of her former pupils, now having fun at the island party!

And two wee cousins have a dance!

So another lovely party. Thanks for all the organising Irene!  May you carry on partying for another 27 years....hee hee!!


  1. You can just see the fun in those pictures Sian!

  2. What a lovely tradition. I think those sort of gatherings are so special. What a sweet picture of the little cousins. All the best Sian.

    1. It's great when all the generations join in. Yes those two cousins are so sweet - think it's only the 2nd time they'd met!

  3. Oh what fun, Sian. It remnids me of village Christmas parties when I was a child - all ages enjoying themselves together.

    1. I know I love that all ages join in the fun :-)