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Thursday, 9 January 2014

A cold winter's day.....

I don't make New Year resolutions as I never keep them. However I have decided I need to get outdoors more and get a bit more gentle exercise. I'm not robust enough for a full exercise programme and would hate it anyway! But I'm hoping to try and do a daily wander to the beach during winter (weather permitting) and a bit on the treadmill if I can't stand up in a howling gale outside!

So today I put on my "duvet" coat, hat, gloves, scarf, warm boots and headed off to the sandy beach with Button (of course). Now Button loves a walk with me and is, in fact, often the first to suggest it. So she was quite eager to go out when she saw me putting on my boots (maybe she's a reincarnated dog?).  We strode out across the grass in front of the house and into the garden.  Then a gust of wind shook us both.  Button retreated rapidly behind the shelter of the dyke (wall).  Baleful eyes followed me...... I was undeterred and headed for the beach.  Eventually she followed (she's a cat - curiosity and all that!). But she kept up a dialogue the ENTIRE walk.  It probably went something like "What the HELL do you think you are doing? Are you completely NUTS human - it's COLD out here. Turn round NOW!"  We were only out for about 20 minutes - I suspect she had a sore throat by the time we got home!

Anyway - the camera really captured the blue light of winter. I do love being by the shore whatever the weather and after the first shock of cold wind it was quite - um - bracing.  Eventually I was able to hunker down in the sand dunes out of the worst of the breeze and it was almost - well - pleasant!

Button, scampering down the sand dunes

Brrr looks cold doesn't it?!  Though it was probably about 6 degrees C/44F.

I love the patterns on the sand made by the stream from water off the fields.... it's like a beautiful piece of art.

Seaweed strewn along the shore....

There are various methods used to try and slow down the coastal erosion of the "links" (dunes), but the sea just goes round behind them....

And then back home - the sea is calm..... may that last a while!

And we get nearly 30 minutes more daylight than on the shortest day!! Whoo hoo!!!


  1. Oh how I yearn for 6 degrees Celsius. :-) You really are lucky being so far north and having such mild temperatures.

    We normally have daytime highs in Jan. and Feb. around zero Celsius here in Nova Scotia, but are instead freezing under that horrid cold that has enveloped much of North America. Today the high was minus ten or so, with a nasty hurling wind.

    I love Button. Must have been a dog in a past life. Enjoy that extra daylight !

  2. Hello Sian: Such a beautiful coastline....your photos are lovely Sian!! I can just hear Buttons meowing to you about being crazy wandering around in 44 F weather!!! She is a trooper tho isn't she???
    We are still in the minus 15 Celsius range altho it finally stopped snowing.....finally, lol.
    Wishing you well from Canada.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

  3. Hello sian: What a beautiful coastline you have is lovely. Ypur photos are lovely & really showcase the countryside. I do love the one that looks textured...
    All we have here are huge snow mountains...some 10 feet is very stark & white, lol.
    I can imagine Buttons meowing to you all thru the walk asking why she was out in that weather, lol...She is such a trooper isn't she??
    Wishing you well from snowy frigid Canada.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

  4. I love the look of this, and right at the moment, I also yearn for 6 degrees celsius - but in the other direction.

    You see, down here in my part of Australia, we've got brief respite with a weekend of 25 degrees...then every day next week is meant to be over 30, with the coolest being 34 on Monday. Bring on autumn, I say.

    And thank you for sharing your beautiful part of the world. Hullo to Button!


  5. You truly are an international blogger! I live in Lancashire where the weather is at the moment cloudy and damp. I visit your blog everyday to see what is going on in your part of the world. Long may your blog continue.

  6. Is that snow in some of your photos, Sian, or just a trick of the light? Super shots but it really does look cold. Brrr.....