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Monday 13 January 2014

Along the shore....

Today was brilliant sunshine, a bit of a breeze but nothing to speak of (though my eyes cried!), and all was calm again.... a lovely day for another walk along the shore....

This is a land drain, clearly showing now after winter storms. It drains water from my field onto the shore...well that's the theory! Given that end of the field tends to be a bit wet I'm not sure how effective it is.

Button waits reasonably patiently while I take some photos.... You can see all the pebbles and small boulders thrown up against the low cliff face by recent storms.

Looking across Graemsay with the Hoy hills in the background.

The wavelets just gently rippling along the shore, so calm....

Footprints in the sand - this time a bird!

Another land drain possibly, though this is also the site where the kelp kiln used to be.

Looking towards Hoy....

Oystercatchers along the shore. They are here in there hundreds on Graemsay in the summer.  Not so many now overwintering but still a few to scream indignation if anything alarms them.

Then a walk back through the garden..... the rhubarb is coming to life! If Button doesn't sit on it!

Bulbs are coming through....brrr hope they don't get a shock with the frost...

Lichen on the garden dyke (wall)

And the hens (and juvenile cockerel) enjoying the sunshine too and grazing on the grass at the front of the house...


  1. Never tire of your pictures. So nice to see green. I wonder how long that will last.

  2. Lovely as always - you do that gorgeous place proud!

  3. I think you do a grand job at making it look so beautiful too!

  4. What a lovely climate. I am envious. It will be months before we see buds coming up ...

  5. Gorgeous - lovely seeing some sunshine! Our bulbs have started showing themselves too - although I suspect they'll be nipped back by frosts yet.