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Monday 10 February 2014

Hail Showers...

No snow this winter to speak of (shhhh don't tell anyone!), but a few days ago there were some heavy hail showers that gave a dusting of snow onto the top of Ward Hill on Hoy.

The sun was soon shining again and it didn't last long....

But folk in the South West of England have been having a terrible time, as have those in Wales too, with high seas, storm force winds, and torrential rain. Swathes of the county of Somerset have been underwater for weeks. There seems to be no end to the storms coming in off the Atlantic either. For once we seem to be escaping the worst of the weather. Yes it's windy and persistant wind which gets tiresome, but we kind of expect that in Orkney and we've only had a few of the damaging storm force winds, though we are getting used to cancelled ferries and needing to keep supplies well stocked.  For those outside the UK who might not have heard of the dreadful weather there's a good article here (thanks to B. a US friend for pointing this out) here.


  1. I have relations who have a summer place on the south coast of England and they had posted a similar link. Those waves are horrific. Cannot believe those foolish people standing in such a dangerous location. One rogue wave and they could all be swept away ! I envy you your weather this winter.

  2. That was a very good summary of events, Sian, and it's not over yet. Today we woke to snow, with more forecast for later and i have a friend in Datchet, on the banks of the Thames, who saw a swan swim down her street yesterday! Her house is on the brink of flooding and it's raining hard again.... :-(