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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Signs of Spring?

OK it's really far too early to be thinking of Spring, but there are wee signs that Winter may be passing. Though I've lived in Orkney long enough to know that Nature can throw anything at us at any time, and last Spring was colder than the Winter I think!

However in the garden are the dwarf Narcissus above - growing in among the willow trees. I fear they may suffer when the South Easterly gales return but for now they are getting ready to bloom.  And the crocus in the garden are doing the same. These are such delicate flowers that it is always a joy to me when the buds do finally open. Though not only do they have to put up with the wind, salt spray, and sand, but also the hens tramping all over them too.  I feel sorry for new plants in my garden! I often feel like apologising when I plant them!

Indoors I cheated and bought a bunch of daffodils from Tesco when I was in town on Friday. They were tight buds when purchased but after an hour in the house they were bursting forth beautiful blousy flowers.

This reminds me of a pale yellow party dress I had as a child. It was my favourite, though yellow on a child with bright red hair was possibly not the kindest colour ;-)

I love to watch the buds unfurling......

Meanwhile Button was enjoying the sun streaming through the window.... it's amazing that a cat is able to perfectly judge that the warmest spot is in the sun, on top of the underfloor heating, and NOT the fleecy blanket warmed by the underfloor heating..... though I think she got a wee bit warm after a while as she did then move!

Though that was probably more due to some supplies I had just unpacked from a box. What is it with cats and boxes??

And another sure sign that the year is moving forward is that the days are getting longer. Sunrise is at 08.02 today and sunset at 16.50. That's a whole 8 hours 48 minutes of daylight! Compared to 6 hours 8 minutes at mid-winter. Oh yes Spring is on her way!!

Here is the sun rising over South Ronaldsay....... the wee house in the foreground is Scarratain on Graemsay.


  1. Lovely signz of Spring there Sian!!! The flowers are so pretty & I hope the winds & chickens spare them!! Love the daffodils you brought home....I almost brought flowers home a week afo but they would have been strangled in the massive cold we have here!
    We are up to almost 9 hours of daylight....only had Sunshine once in the past who knows how long...this has been the cloudiest Winter EVER in the 18 years I have been back here.....snow every day...Your part of the world looks "tropical" in comparison to mine, lol.
    Button looks adrobale sunning herself & in the carton...cats & cartons go together like tea & biccies it seems.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

  2. Oooow. Hurray! Lovely. It gives me hope.

  3. Oh how lovely to see daffodils! Your garden is well ahead of ours, believe it or not. I remember noticing that in previous years.

    Funny to see Button in that box: I have just been chuckling over a 'Simon's Cat' episode involving boxes. When I was a teenager we had a half-wild farm cat, who would go completely bonkers if there was a box in the house. Eyes like soup-plates and all her fur on end as she galloped about inside it and took killer swipes at passing fingers. :)

  4. Gorgeous! Your spring is a long way ahead of ours, Sian. Here we only have snowdrops and hazel catkins and a few early leaves on the honeysuckle.

    Like Button, our cats used to love boxes and would shred them given half a chance. :-)

  5. daffodils are beautiful. We are just starting to see them here