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Tuesday 30 September 2014

Short videos of Orkney (and Scotland)

For those of you unfamiliar with Orkney (or indeed Scotland), here are some short videos.

The group of three share some similar scenes but focus on different aspects of Orkney

This one is about living and working in Orkney (about 12 minutes long)

The next one is on Orkney culture (can't embed this one so click on link below, about 10 minutes long).

And this one on Orkney history (again I can't embed in this blog so click on the link below, again about 10 minutes long)

And finally, one from Scotland - a bird's eye tour of some of the majestic views around mainland Scotland and some of the islands.


  1. I have just watched the last video and will have to revisit when I have more time. Such beauty words cannot describe it.

    1. The landscape in Scotland is just stunning. Hope you find time to view the Orkney videos - they're really lovely and interesting too. A great "taste" for Orkney

  2. I am leaving the house to go exercise, and I will come back and watch the videos today. I visit your blog a lot, you live in a lovely place.

    1. Hope you enjoy the videos :-) (Exercise....oh dear you are doing better than me!)