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Sunday 28 December 2014

Pre-Christmas Miscellany....

I was clicking away pre-Christmas but due to low energy and Christmas "stuff" to organise I didn't get round to sharing these.......   Above is Stromness Harbour with the MV Graemsay, our wee ferry, on the right just behind the two wee boats.  To the left, the blue boat is one of the dive boats that takes recreational divers around the waters to dive the old wrecks.  Behind the dive boat is the Stromness Lifeboat in a temporary mooring while it waits for a new berth to be prepared.

The week before Christmas I'd been to my favourite shop in Kirkwall, Shearer's. Upstairs they have their Christmas shop, decorated for the season with lots of wonderful goodies - and of course a proper fire!

And the night of the Solstice I lit candles to remind the sun to return after the longest night.  And was warmed by some mulled wine, with Button keeping a watchful eye.....

And here is sunrise (about 9.20 am) behind the harbour.

And at 11am over Graemsay and the Hoy hills.  The pointy thing is the Hoy High Lighthouse on Graemsay, and the boat in the water is the Graemsay ferry returning to harbour.

Looking towards Hoy in the late afternoon.  With the buildings of the Pier Arts Centre in the foreground to the right.

In Stromness on Christmas Eve the local carol singers were in the street. They gathered quite an audience outside the Pier Arts Centre, with some of us joining in too!  Lovely to see them!

I'd been for a wander round the Christmas Exhibition at the Pier Arts Centre.  This exhibition shows off the work of local artists, professional and amateur.  Some great stuff in all sorts of different media, paint, video, photography, textiles and other materials.  I always love going round and seeing the huge variety of styles and art from local folk.  Many of whom I know.

A Christmas tree - made up of toy soldiers, quite poignant

This is the Scapa Ranger - the old "Graemsay Ferry"

And from the gallery core collection a piece by Barbara Hepworth. I love her work and spent a wonderful afternoon some years ago wandering round her house and garden in St Ives which is now a museum.

Ahem.... a "selfie"...... me at the Pier Arts.... well wrapped up and enjoying the Christmas Spirit...hence the antlers!

I'd been in town catching up with friends pre Christmas so missed the Graemsay Nativity Play. I was so sorry not to be there but due to weather and illness it was the only day I could get to town for last minute supplies and meeting with friends.  But apparently all had a great time...

Photo by Mick Braddock


  1. So many nice pictures! But I'm still surprised when I hear that your sunrise is at 9:20 a.m. Yikes! That is daunting. Happy new year, Sian!

    1. Just checked and it 9.03am for today, with sunset at 1529, so that's just 6.25 hours of daylight. Whereas london sunrise was 0805, sunset 1604 and they had 7.58 hours of daylight!!

  2. what a wonderful trip,
    lovely pic's.
    I like your selfi !

    1. Thanks Su! And thanks for taking time to comment :-)