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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Storms and stuff!

Sorry for lack of posts, evil virus has kept me away, and now we have a Winter storm raging.  This one is made worse by a huge storm surge of water due to a "weather bomb" (a sudden dramatic drop in pressure).  So I'll not stay here long as thunder and lightning accompanying the storm and I need to switch my modem off before it gets fried and I have no internet!! (Clearly I have power so am warm, plenty of food, and a very grumpy cat!)

Anyway here are a couple of clips of the rough weather:

This one shows the waves off the west coast of Orkney today

And this one shows Norman Brass, one of the lifeboat crew from Stromness speaking about a dramatic rescue this morning off of the island of Westray.  The lifeboat went to the aid of a stricken vessel and saw it into safe harbour.  But the seas were huge!  Brave crew of the Stromness lifeboat risking their lives to save others and they are all unpaid volunteers!

Back soon - I hope!!


  1. What we do on our coasts without the wonderful lifeboats. Its certainly a bad storm you are having, keep safe.

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon - and that your weather moderates with minimal damage.

  3. Hi Sian, we might be separated by almost the entire length of the country but we've been experiencing the same weather conditions. I turned my computer off earlier when the lightening started to strike but it's a bit calmer now so I've taken the opportunity to switch on again. Many thanks for the explanation of what a 'weather bomb' - I admit I have never heard the expression before and did wonder if it was something the media had made up for effect. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Off to check out your link about the lifeboat rescue. Elizabeth xx

  4. I know. The crews and families are just amazing. I'm staying hunkered inside my lovely old stone house so as long as the power stays on I'm happy :-)

  5. Crikey, reminds me of the storms at the beginning of the year. The lifeboats crews are so incredibly brave. Hope it settles down soon.

  6. I'm glad you've come through unscathed, Sian. It was quite a storm you had there and I admire the courage of that lifeboat crew more than I can say.