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Friday 27 February 2015

More water....

Today has been equally busy on Graemsay with tankers relaying water up and down the island from the pier. Above is a shiny silver tanker brand's a bit mud splattered now!

The activity has kept Button occupied anyway....

I was also asked to speak on our local radio news bulletin this morning about how the island was coping.  I wouldn't mind but they said they'd phone me at 7am. My alarm isn't THAT early! I set the alarm for 6.30 and had to have two cups of tea to make sure I didn't sound too sleepy.  It was a bit of a nervewracking experience, though our local radio guys are great and David was very reassuring and calming. I knew he would not do a "Paxo" on me [obscure British joke].

Thousands of gallons are being pumped into our island water tank.  And it would seem that water is at last working it's way through the system!  We mustn't drink it without boiling first, but we can have hot showers and use washing machines again. And we're being asked to "conserve" water as it's not exactly easy getting it here.  I'm just excited that I get hot water out the tap again!

Two Red Cross volunteers came to the island again and just checked that everyone was OK. And one turned up bearing chocolate!!  Just what every girl wants - a man in uniform bearing chocolate..... well he was a Red Cross Paramedic - that's a heroic uniform!

Every time they called round and asked if there was anything I needed I replied "Gin and chocolate". Clearly gin was seen as too much of a health hazard, but chocolate can be used purely medicinally....and was :-)

Meanwhile out in Burra Sound further work has been done to locate problems in the subsea water pipe.  It may take a while to fix that so we will be using tankered water for a while yet.  But I'm happy as long as I have water out the taps!


  1. It is a good thing that you have so much support, and good that finaly you got the hot water.

  2. Wow, they are working very hard to make sure you're OK, Sian. Shame about the gin, but the chocolate egg was a kind thought. :)