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Monday 27 April 2015

A walk down the street (Part 2)

Now we start our walk today outside the Northlight Studio, run by Ros Bryant, a tapestry weaver and stone carver.  There was a lovely exhibition of various tapestries. I particularly liked the one of the cockerel! And there were others from around the world inside.

I was fortunate to find the gallery open and a "work in progress". A tapestry of Stromness!  It's not clear where this will be displayed once it is complete as it is large and needs a large space.  I'm hoping for the new library!  Anyway I chatted to the ladies working on this. The "cartoon" is behind the frame, and I was assured that Graemsay would feature later one, just the tip of Graemsay with the Hoy Low lighthouse on it, but we won't be missing out! I loved watching them work. Such skill and patience.  I'll try and get a later picture as they are about half way up by now I would think.

And outside the studio a wonderful collection of stones and driftwood.

Steps lead up to lanes and houses on the upper slope of the hill that Stromness nestles within.

And across the road, another gallery, this one "Artworks of the Earth" is the working studio of Jeanne Bouza Rose who has made her home in Stromness, but is originally from the USA.  She uses a wide variety of media and also runs workshops. I'm tempted to try one though I am not at all artistic!

And down the side of gallery a glimpse onto another pier with a fascinating wall shape. No the buildings are not collapsing on each other. These "cutaways" were part of the original design - maximising space for building but allowing people and carts (remember pre cars etc!) to move abou the town.

A bit further up the street and we come across the Khyber really!

And coming back down the street again, this is where we stopped for coffee yesteray. The Bay Leaf Delicatessan, with wonderful and interesting goodies, and small art exhibitions too.

And up this lane there are more of the curious alley ways!

And I want this address!!

And heading back down the street, I love the collection by this doorway!

Such pretty daffodils on display.  And the bins aren't for rubbish, but you will see them around the lanes.  They are for salt or grit for when it gets icy.  Steep hills and ice are NOT a good combination!

Mmmm the smell of coffee from the "Deli".....shall we have another cup? And tomorrow we can have a walk around the pier head.....


  1. Would love to see that tapestry exhibit. And the cut-a-way in the alley is great! So many hills and steps and alleys would keep your leg muscles in good shape (and I would have to explore every one of them, I think)
    Off now to read walk part 1.

  2. We're seeing some areas we recognize. Also, you should definitely take one of the artist's workshops. EVERYONE is artistic and creative - just in different ways. You'll never know until you try. Go for it!

  3. I'd love to explore those alleys!

  4. Love all those interestingly shaped alleyways.

  5. Impressive town, the delight of walking through those alleys and finding the next shop and treasure. The tapestry is a delight would really love to see that.

  6. Oh, I loved this episode, with the alleyways and odd nooks and crannies. You really do have a very observant eye, Sian. :-) Please do show us the finished tapestry one day.