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Thursday, 16 April 2015

A walk on the beach (the other one....).

I tend not to walk on the sandy beach much these days.  The winter storms destroyed the path I took down to the shore over the sand dunes, and I don't like to take Button along the road to get onto it. But yesterday, while she was snoozing in the sun, I snuck out to a walk along the sandy beach from whence "Sandside" gets the name and here are some photos to prove it!!

First we have to stop and say hallo to Mr "I'm a handsome chap" Ram.  He's got horns and he knows how to use them, apparently. So he's been separated from the flock for the time being.

There's a short walk along the "main road" on Graemsay, we call this the links road as sand dunes are often referred to as "links".  The banks look like they are wearing a grass skirt!

And back the other way to Sandside and Hoy High Lighthouse

The beach looks so big when viewed from the boat or Stromness but isn't that long. I'd never have been able to gallop my old pony, Badger, along this -he'd have run out of room!

And back the other way towards "home"

At the South end it's quite rocky, this is looking towards Quoys (nestled in it's own little inlet) and Garson and out to the mouth of Hoy Sound

I love the patterns in the sand made by the water running in rivulets off the land.

And the gentle waves on the shore (tide was coming in....)

It was only a short walk during my afternoon "tea break" but I hope to come along here again soon, if I can shake off Madam Button!


  1. thank you for taking us all on your walk.

  2. i love the space and the emptiness and the wonderful blue of the sky and sea. :-)

  3. That looks like your house next to that lighthouse. :)