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Thursday 12 November 2015

A sunny November day

As Storm Abigail gears herself up to roar here are some photos from a magical day last week.  Incidentally, this is the first year the "Met Office" have named the storms in the UK. Clearly someone has a sense of humour for the first one "Abigail" - A Big Gail (Gale).  Hee hee.  Gusts of 80 mph forecast for tonight.  I'm heading under the duvet shortly!

Anyway, back to last week..... the thermometer on my car said it was 16 degrees C, which is almost summer temperatures for us! Haha!  I was working but took some time out to wander off for a walk too.

We start off on the coral beach first, of course. My favourite part of the island, just behind Sandside.

The tide is quite high but it's lovely to just hear a swish swish of the waves on the coral and shells.

This old stone pier could tell a story or two I'm sure....

These plates of rock are wonderfully tilted....

And here is Missy Button in mid roll! She loves rolling on the coral - it must be like a massage for her!

We were both being watched by some seals.  Here's a zoomed in photo.... these are grey seals and there are lots around the shore of Graemsay. I love hearing them "singing".  I can imagine sailors of old thinking it was the song of mermaids.

You can just see his/her lugs (ears) in this photo!

And here s/he is having a laugh!!  Well OK more like a yawn, but looks happy anyway!

Missy Buttons watching very attentively....

Looking towards Hoy.....

Some Oystercatchers having a bit of a nap....

Now time to head back home.  The next few pictures aren't for the faint-hearted.  Dear Buttons...lives life on the edge!

Happily ambling along.  Stromness in the background.

Oh please walk away from the edge!  My nerves can't take it!

The starlings sometimes nest in the holes. I think she lives in hope of getting in there...arrggh!

I'll take a look at the sandy beach till she comes a bit nearer!

And once we are both safely back near the house, we find one of the hens doing a little sunbathing

A flock of lapwings take to the skies. No really they are lapwings!

And once Button was safely inside having a light lunch and preparing for her nap I took a run up the road.  Here is the outside of our community hall. You will have seen many pictures of the inside during all our parties!

And one of the dozen or so picnic benches we have around the island.  The community association got a millennium grant to buy them in 2000 and we have them in various spots for tourists (and ourselves) to sit upon.  I'd been putting some danish oil on this one to protect the wood for the winter. Various folk in the community volunteer to do a bench or two.

And finally the silhouette  of a lovely old croft house...

Hope you enjoyed your wander!  I'm going to check battened hatches (and cat flap), make sure I have a torch by the bed, and hope the gale passes soon!


  1. A beautiful stroll. Hope there was not too much damage, the weather is reporting a really bad storm. Stay safe.

    1. We missed the worst of the storm, though we've had a few gales since. Thankfully everything seems to be holding fast for now!

  2. Oh, on what a loveley island you live !
    I love your walks with Button - a cat without fear apparently.
    Who knows and i visit your beautiful island once and then also make the same nice walk and then i go to rest on one of the picnic benches.
    That would be nice, i dream on.
    Stay safe.

    1. Oh if only you could teleport here and then you could walk with Button on the beach. She would enjoy that :-)

  3. Such a wonderful place to take a stroll. Buttons is very brave and it appears, sure footed. Having seen so much of your island, I can almost picture myself walking along the beach or near the old croft house. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your island. Stay warm and out of the wind. PS Are Buttons and Squeak related?

    1. No, Button and Squeak are no relation! Though they are both rescue cats from the local Cat Protection network. But I got Button as a young adult cat, and Irene got Squeak as a kitten.

      I so wish you could come for a visit and walk along the shore yourself!

  4. Wonderful photos - happy to see your island in sunshine, and Missy Buttons and hen enjoying it, too. I will join other (above) in dreaming of such a walk and a picnic on one of the tables

    1. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all picnic together on a bench by the beach?!

  5. I want to move in with you ...

    1. There's always a spare bed made up. And Button would be delighted to be adored by TWO people (er she assumes you will adore her!).