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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Autumn skies

September and October weather was much better than most of the summer, and even now in November we have had some lovely warm (for Autumn) days with temperatures up to 16 degrees. That's warmer than many summer days this year.  But the seasons turn and this weekend we have had the winds return and likely to carry on through the week.  They do bring wonderful skies though so here are a few photos taken recently.

Lovely sunsets, with the sun setting behind the Hoy hills now.

In between the gales lovely calm days too....

Big clouds!

Big skies....

Because of the lack of wind and the mild weather the garden has carried on with a display of flowers into November.  I took these photos a couple of weeks ago before the first of the gales, sadly now the trees have been stripped bare.  Rarely do we get "autumn colour" in Orkney as the gales strip the trees before the leaves have a chance to turn.  But I like to take photos to remind me of what Spring will bring again.

I planted these willow trees a few years ago.  There was nothing but grass along the dyke before. I'm really pleased they have thrived as they are prone to the East wind here.  Though protected somewhat from the prevailing Westerly wind.

This tree is over 60 years old.  Not sure when it was planted but folk that lived here in the 1950s remember it then.  It's an Elder tree.  I've planted more in the garden as they seem to do so well.  This one didn't flower much this year so I've thrown a load of manure at it's feet in the hope it might pep it up a bit next year.  Though at 60+ it's entitled to have a bit of a rest!

Here the Fennel is as big as the hebe!  The hebe is very robust and flowers throughout winter.  The fennel will die right back now it's been blasted a time or two...

Poppies are still blooming. Though I've cut the remaining buds and brought them in as they will get blasted before blooming.

Lots of wee spiders hiding around outside the house. These wee ones are able to hide in the cracks of the sash and case windows whenever the wind blows.  Coming out and patiently respinning their webs when a calm spell descends.

And a butterfly flew into the hallway!  I rescued it and put it back outside.  This was a couple of weeks ago when the weather was still warm...

Here's a patch I plan to plant up next Spring.  Black plastic to kill off the weeds to make it easier to dig up next year.  Not me!  S. comes along to help with the heavy work.  The plastic has to be well weighted down or it will blow away. Particularly here where the wind swirls around in a gale.

Meanwhile Missy Button just sleeps through Autumn and Winter!

And on a complete change of subject!! A couple of weeks ago we had some volunteers from the Scottish Water Board come out to help the community.  They painted various bits around the Community Hall, including the toilets.  They had chosen Graemsay for their latest community project given our difficulties back in February.   The lads did a grand job and all with good humour too.

 So... how many men can you get into a ladies toilet???? Ha!


  1. I love your lil' island ... I wish we had your climate. Can't believe things are still green and flowers bloomin' ...

  2. After the recent gales most things have been blasted to bits. We have a cold snap at the moment but temperatures are set to rise to about 8 to 10 degrees C later this week.