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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Back in February

Back in February, after I had dropped my visitor back at the airport, I took the chance to visit the Ring of Brodgar.  It's one of my favourite sites, and is a neolithic henge monument.  It's only in the Winter I can be sure to have it to myself.  Coach parties visit in the summer as do other tourists and lots of locals too.  But I love the solitude to wander around and breathe the air and imagine.  I also stopped at the Standing Stones of Stenness, no longer a complete circle but lovely to wander around too. Both the henges are part of the UNESCO Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site. Here are a few photos taken on a sunny but cold February day!

Above is the Ring of Brodgar, the large stone looks like a head!

The silhouetted where the land meets sky.

There are stunning views all around....

The Hoy Hills in the distance

And a brackish loch (mix of fresh and sea water)

The Standing Stones of Stenness looking magnificent with a snow cloud above.

Incoming snow shower!

These stones also now stand next to a loch....

With this handsome chap sitting on a rock.  Fisherman often come here to fish for trout. Hmmm bet there weren't many left after this chap had visited!

Snow clouds reflected in the clear water

Brrr need to warm my hands and toes after this post!


  1. You live in such a glorious place. What wonderful stones. I go to Avebury a lot and would love to be the only person there.

    1. I have yet to make it to Avebury. Keep intending to when in the South of England, but yet to make it. Got very grumpy at Stonehenge with all the tourists. Selfish I know. Ha!

  2. Of all the wonderful places I've been fortunate enough to visit, the Ring of Brodgar is certainly one of the top 5, maybe even one of the top 2. It's one place I would so love to visit again, but it probably won't happen. Look once more for me - and hug some of the stones for me.

    1. Go glad you enjoyed your visit. I think you would love the archaeological dig that is going on at the Ness of Brodgar between the Ring and the Stones of Stenness. If only they could get a move on with "teleporting"!