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Sunday 22 May 2016

Spring sunshine...

It has to be said the Spring Sunshine has been somewhat absent these last few days.  But we DID have a spell of lovely WARM (oh I remember warm) weather a week or so ago.  So here are a few photos to share with you AND remind myself! Above - washing on the line!  Stromness and the West Mainland of Orkney in the distance.  I LOVE getting washing out on the line - nothing can replicate the smell of a couple of hours of fresh air blowing through the washing.

Now...remember the fence to keep the hens OUT of the veg patch?  Well it's STILL working. I know - I'm amazed too.  But I'm not complaining. Neither, it seems, are the hens.  They seem quite happy in other parts of the garden.  But THIS is why they have to be kept out the veg patch - they love a dust bath!

And a bit of  sunbathing (who doesn't like to feel the warm sun). You can just make out the fence to the left of the hens (er and cockerel)

And a wee nap too... yup the hen IS asleep.... Big Ginger keeps watch

And then there is Madam Button.... she likes the sunshine too. Here she's inspecting one of the ornamental grasses in the new bed.

And now trotting over to say hallo and see what's going on.  Um...did I tell you when she had her annual vaccinations the V.E.T. said she needed to lose a little weight. Ooops Madam Button was NOT impressed.  So let's not mention it.  No girl likes to be told she could do with losing a little weight.

After a while she settles down  to watch what is going on....

And a pair of pheasants wander across the grass!  Non-native to Graemsay, obviously!  Introduced some years ago they seem to do OK without any management or additional food.

And these flowers just LOVE the sun.  They close up when it's not shining... who can blame them. I do the same...

And now Spring is well and truly sprung I've moved back into the conservatory. Having given it a Spring Clean first of course.  Anyway it's a perfect vantage point to watch the sunset....

Over outside Stromness through the haze you can see the Ness Battery, the wartime camp complete with accommodation huts.

Mmm maybe this looks a bit clearer - oooh look at that calm sea...

Ah yes definitely the perfect vantage point to watch the setting sun.

A vapour trail from a plane patterns the sky

Sun sinking over behind Warbeth now....

A wee sailing ship coming into harbour

Hopefully the sun returns soon!


  1. Lovely photos Sian, our cat needs to lose weight, but if we reduce his dinner, he goes out and catches something to eat!!

    1. Yes Button will go out and "top up" too!

  2. Hi Sian, it's amazing how you can still captivate many people, me included,on that same little island. Nothing short of incredible! Don't know if poems are your thing but sometimes expression has to burst out of me . keep up the fine work, warm wishes, Mark.

    1. Glad you are enjoying my posts! I've been blogging for a few years and not much happens on the island so I think people might get bored. Especially of the same views. But seemingly not! And no I'm no poet. Your last poem is very poignant. Reminded me of the history of the Garden at Heligan (and many of the other "Big Houses") who lost their gardeners. There's a memorial to Gardeners lost in the wars at Inverewe Gardens. Sian

  3. Oh dear, I am running out of words to describe your island and how much it enthralls me. Buttons will get lots of exercise when you go a walking on the beaches. It's just the winter weight she's carrying.:)

    1. Yes I did mention to the vet she was carrying some winter weight, but he said she'd be adding to it with mice now the summer is here. Haha!

  4. I know I sound like a broken record, but I love your little piece of paradise. I too like to hang my clothes on the line. Oh the scent of laundry line clothes is wonderful. BTW we have Pheasants here in Nova Scotia; they too are an introduced species.

    1. Oooh how do your pheasants like the weather?! Very popular in the UK on the "shooting" estates. The ones on Graemsay are safe (mostly!) at least.