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Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Some photos taken on a tranquil day last week.  Click on an image to see it enlarged.  Above looking from "Garson" towards the croft of Quoys (left hand), just above is the Community Hall, and up to the right is the Manse.

Same view from Garson but including Sandside Bay....

And the whole of Sandside bay with the Hoy High lighhouse and my house in the distance.  Beyond are the hills of Orphir.

A bit out of focus this one, but you get the drift! Looking towards the wee town of Stromness.

Looking up to an old croft house.

Looking West towards the old croft of Quoynanapp (pronounced Win-a-nap) with Ward hill on Hoy in the background.

The postie is up at Ethel's!

A reverse view in the mirror!

My henny house and a calm blue sea looking West towards Canada! Seriously, there is nothing between us and Canada!

The banks and verges are full of primroses

Such cheerful, beautiful flowers.

And a delicate wee blue flower, the name of which I have forgotten!

Hope you enjoyed a little tranquility on Graemsay....


  1. Your little blue flowers look like violets. Maybe?

    I just sent you an e-mail with a link to a newspaper article by a retired physician in Chattanooga who had been to St. Magnus last week. Maybe your other readers would enjoy seeing it, too.

  2. i think it's a sweet violet (vida odorata)

    thanks for your great view of your small Island.

    i also miss Button.

  3. You certainly took us on a beautiful tour.

  4. Seeing this one single thought comes to mind; any houses on the market???
    As I told you before Sian, we have the island Öland, a desolate nad beautiful place although the island Åland near Finland, is even more remote and deserted. when we speak of retirement we often drift away and land in a place just like this!!
    Imagine you actually live there!!! Blessed are you and your hens and friends. Joyous! Thank you!!!

  5. The beauty of these landscapes is just indescribable. Remote but still vibrant, this is how I picture life on your lovely island. Thanks for sharing your paradise with us!