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Sunday 25 June 2017

Around the Summer Solstice

These photos were taken around the Summer Solstice of 21st June when sunrise here was 3.58 am and sunset was 22.28, giving us 18.5 hours of daylight!

And at nearly midnight it still isn't dark, even on a cloudy night.

Some evenings had dramatic skies even before sunset....

Long shadows as the sun begins to set...

This early evening shot was taken from Orphir looking towards Hoy with Graemsay in the middle

Sandside Bay....

Late afternoon calm seas....

And of course, the glow of sunset at nearly 10.30 pm.


  1. There truly is something quite magical and special with the late light on the longest day. I remember it fondly from my days spent in Iceland, which was virtually 24 hours at midsummer.

  2. Since my move here to the Isle of Lewis I spend half my day/evening looking at the spectacular skies.