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Friday, 23 June 2017

The old quarry, Graemsay

A couple of weeks ago I headed up to the old quarry on Graemsay.  I was hunting for dragons...well ok dragon flies and damsel flies.  I didn't see any (some were recorded there last year), but I spent a pleasant hour just wandering about looking at wild flowers, the scenery and listening to the birdies.

The old croft of Dean, with the Hoy hills behind.

Ladies Smock

Looking towards Sandside, Hoy High Lighthouse and Orphir across Hoy Sound.

Same view - a bit distant....

Looking towards Stromness

Stromness across Hoy Sound.

Croft of Dean and Hoy Hills again.


Dwarf willow

Apparently these are female catkins and fluffy seed on the dwarf willow.  Only just discovered what these were. Aren't they delightful?

And this is, Common Lousewort! Sounds an unkind name for such a pretty plant! (Thanks to Imperfect & Tense for help with ID plus other flower folk!)

The quarry with Hoy High and Orphir in the distance.

The shallow end of the pool

A dragon's head maybe??

Heading home to Sandside.....


  1. What a lovely outing for a summer's day:) There appears to be several abandoned crofts on Graemsay? Have they amalgamated into large land-holdings?
    The dwarf willow is so pretty. Earlier this morning my mind retraced my childhood [surely reminiscing to oneself is normal!!] and I was thinking about willow bark as recently I read that the basis for Aspirin was willow bark ... we had cows and every spring just around calving time the cows 'stripped the willow bark' and now in my 'age of maturity' I wonder if those cows knew the power in that bark of easing the pain of child[calf] birth.

  2. As always you took us on a lovely stroll, always a joy to see your little Island.

  3. Loved this hike around the quarry. I am especially taken with the 2nd pic of the Hoy Hills. Are they as rugged as they look in the photo. Oh you live in such a beautiful place, Sian.