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Tuesday 4 July 2017

Blue skies

There have also been some lovely blue skies recently. Though we have had our fair share of rain, grey cloud, chilly weather, and even a gale at the weekend!  But for now we can enjoy the blue sky! Above, the old ruined cottages at Sandside, and looking over Hoy Sound to West Mainland (and Stromness).

Looking over the buttercups and Hoy Sound to Stromness

And on the left we have the tip of Graemsay and on the right Warbeth beach, Outertown Stromness.

Looking across over Buttercups and the croft of Clett to Hoy.

Looking over Crookshouse and Windbreck to the Hoy Hills

Looking over the ruined house of Moan, across the water to Orphir on the Orkney Mainland.

That's enough "looking over" for one day!

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