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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Graemsay Sports Day

In the days when there was a school on the island there was an annual School Sports Day just like many other schools have at the end of the summer term.  This year Irene Mathieson (former head teacher of the school) decided to resurrect the Sports Day as a fund raiser for our community hall.

I'd just got back from my holiday in Guernsey so I was "excused sports" and was just a spectator. There was lots of fun and laughter.  Some extra wee children were drafted in for the afternoon, ably helped by their granny and grandad!  Here are a few pictures of the event.  Even if the "sport" was not of an Olympic Standard, you have to agree our venue was top class, with the best view ever of a sports field I'll bet. Hee hee! Sandra and Michael kindly let us use their field next to the hall for the event which was ideal.

Above the three-legged race.  Granny and Great-Granny having a bit of trouble getting co-ordinated at the back there!

I think this was another heat with James and Euan leading the way.

Some discussion about the rules going on here I think.  (Rules - hahahahaha!)

Older sister demonstrating some tactics maybe?

The "wheelbarrow race".....

Brilliant technique here!!  Good straight legs....

Mini-wheelbarrow race!  Bit of trouble with the steering  I think.

It was a great afternoon.  There was also welly throwing and some other games.  A "guess where the needle in the haystack is" and "How many sweeties in the jar".  A total of £60 was raised which is amazing for so few folk.  It was a brilliant afternoon and I suspect this may be an annual event.