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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Snowy landscape

Actually this was a couple of weeks ago and although it feels "cold enough for snow" today and we have had windy days for several days, there is little snow about now.  But as many of you in the UK are experiencing the white stuff again, and many in the Northern hemisphere are snow/frost bound for many months, I thought I'd share these pictures anyway!

Above looking from the "back door" across my field and Hoy Sound towards Stromness where a large snow cloud is about to dump a lot more snow!

Here a view from the front door looking over the front grass, garden and towards the Hoy Hills.

And the Hoy hills disappear as a snow shower comes in....

Down at the pier the sea looks awfully cold! The Orphir hills on the Orkney Mainland in the background.

I was waiting for the lunchtime ferry to come in with some groceries from a shop in Stromness.  More snow being dumped over Stromness! 

Hoy High lighthouse, snow clouds and snow on the shore.

In the garden the dwarf daffs (Narcissus - Tete-a-Tete) are valiantly blooming.

Despite being mostly buried in snow!

For the first time in 15 years the hens water froze IN the hen house!  I gave them extra rations and veggies (you can see the remains of a neep (swede) by the nesting box.  I kept them shut in for a couple of days with extra food and bedding.  Mostly they snuggled together on perches and seemed fine. 

After a few days they rushed me at the door as I went in to feed them.  Snow or no snow they were going out! As you can see much of the snow had gone and the girls were happy to be out scratching about again.

Meanwhile Madam Button stayed resolutely indoors, just going out to do "the necessary".

And then a windowsill companion arrived.....

Hee hee a cheeky neighbour thought we needed a wee snowman!

He stayed there overnight and then the wind blew his head off.  He looked a bit eerie glowing in the dark, headless so I'm afraid he was "dispatched/!

I love the bright days when there is snow, but this time it was particularly cold and didn't help my sinuses or lungs so I stayed indoors apart from feeding the hens! At least working from home I don't have to commute far!


  1. Hi, love your wonderful photos! I spend much of my time taking care of my mom on an Island off the coast of Maine, USA. So I love reading about your life. Please stop by my blog for a visit sometime! (LIVING AN ORDINARY LIFE)

    1. Oh wow! I'll check out your blog. Thanks for commenting.

    2. I LOVE the photos of "your" lighthouses. I tried to put a link to your blog on mine but it didn't seem to like it saying there was no feed or something. I hate google sometimes!

  2. Hi Sian,
    Today I found your blog and I was delighted, congratulations for your wonderful photos.
    Photography captures the present moment forever.
    I live in Lisbon, it does not snow here so maybe that's why I like seeing photos with snow.
    Have a nice weekend
    Maria de
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I had a look at your blog too. Bougenvillia - how wonderful! I have never been to Lisbon but I hear it is beautiful.

  3. Thankfully it wasn't as windy tonight when we took Matty out for his evening walk ~ last night, the poor lad was nearly bowled over when we got to the swimming pool car park! ~ but my word, it was bitterly cold!

    1. I know some of the gusts really catch you by surprise don't they! Are you settled in now? If you want to meet for a coffee in Julia's sometime do email me - But don't feel obliged to! LOL!