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Sunday, 18 March 2018


For a few days last week we had a glimpse of Spring.  It didn't last long but was lovely while it lasted!  I took a drive up to Brinkies Brae, one of the highest points above Stromness.  I only had my phone camera so these aren't the best quality but give you a feel for the landscape!

Above from the single track road up "Brinkies" looking down to the harbour, the marina, the Hamnavoe Ferry which sails to mainland Scotland, over to the Holms (pronounced like homes) where there is a house for sale (with the tidal islands!), and then over to Graemsay, with Hoy in the background.

A zoomed in picture on the Hamnavoe ferry, Coplands Dock and the Holms. Beyond Hoy High lighthouse and next to it Sandside.

Not as picturesque but an important view of the town. This looks over to Garson Industrial estate and also a new housing estate.  This is also where the new Care home for elderly folk is being built.  The hills of Orphir in the background.

In the same direction as above but a bit to the left. The new Primary school by the roundabout, and behind is the Stromness Academy, the senior school in the town.  The children from Graemsay and some from Hoy go to these schools, travelling over on the ferry daily.

Then sailing home again.

Sailing past Hoy High light.  Sandside roof and chimneys to the right.

And coming into the Graemsay pier....

And home again....

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  1. An idyllic place, calm and peaceful. I have replied to your reply.Thanks for adding me to your blogroll I have added your blog.