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Friday, 25 May 2018

End of May

The weather has been lovely the last few days.  Warm, no wind, the odd shower of rain but nothing too bad.  Everything is greening up and growing with the longer days and the sun warming the earth.

Photo above looking across Sandside back back at my home and Hoy High light.

One of my old Light Sussex hens was enjoying the sun by the bluebells today.

So much so that she settled down to sunbathe by them!

Scarratain with a traditional grass roof

Looking over the Graemsay fields to Hoy.

And lots of primroses in every crevice and verge

The alliums are in flower in the garden now too.

I had some visitors this week and they brought me some lovely flowers.  These are nursery grown tulips but they are so gorgeous.

The walled garden is springing to life too.

And at the end of a lovely day, the sunset.  Sunset at the moment is after 10pm and it barely gets dark at night - it's called "simmer dim" here and in Shetland.

And a gratuitous photo of Button, having one of those days by her pose. Haha!