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Saturday, 26 May 2018

A trip to Birsay

The tourist season is in full swing now, which means lots of places get quite busy.  This is great for local accommodation providers and shops, restaurants etc.  But sometimes places become a little too crowded for me and I avoid them in Summer.  One such place is Birsay.  It's a favourite haunt of camper vans as "wild camping" (camping outside of a camp site) is allowed in Scotland. 

Anyway the other week I took a quick visit up to Birsay for a gentle walk along the lovely soft flat footpath by the shore.

Over on the tidal island, Brough of Birsay, are some really interesting archaeological remains, and you can walk up to the lighthouse and get wonderful views.  Around the island are lots of seabirds including puffins.  I didn't go there this time but I love looking at it.

Along the shore people have been having a go at stone structures, maybe echoing those found at Skara Brae

Further along the shore....

A waymarker for the newly completed St Magnus Way.  If you are visiting Orkney do take a look at the website and consider doing part of the walk!

Another look back at the tidal Brough.....

And then of course it was necessary to have lunch at the wonderful Birsay Bay Tea Room  Um no photos of cake, it disappeared too quickly. Hahah!  But lovely views across to the Brough.

And the tea room has some quirky features, like these lights!

And then, sailing home .....


  1. Oh, how we loved Skara Brae!! (Almost as much as the Ring of Brodgar!)

  2. I think my mug at that tea room said something like.." There's always time for tea and cake." And there is!

    Birsay is a lovely place to walk, I totally agree. We're just back from Vancouver, another place with lovely places to walk. Beautiful spring weather there, beautiful autumn weather here in Sydney. I can't complain at all!
    Hope you and yours are all well, Sian.

    1. Yes that's right! I have one too! Vancouver is wonderful too - and no doubt you love the Autumn weather better than summer!

  3. We've just come back from 3 weeks in Scotland and I must say the Scots certainly know how to make a good cuppa. Wild camping has been banned in some of the Scottish National Parks but with motorhome ownership increasing it's an issue that will need to be addressed.

    1. Oooh yes quite controversial all the motorhomes particularly on smaller islands. But it's great to be able to "wild camp" in Scotland still. And yes you can usually get a good cuppa in Scotland!! Just don't ask for "English Breakfast tea" LOL!