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Friday, 1 June 2018

June 1st, wait, what??

Good grief this year is speeding past!  I'm still really busy with work, visitors and events but hoping to find a bit of time to blog too.  So here are some random photos from earlier this week.  Above, a stunning evening sunset with gorgeous clouds too.

People ask why I chose my house on Graemsay.  Um... it has this view from the conservatory....

There have been blue skies and calm seas, here is the MV Graemsay ferry heading to the island.

Twice in the last couple of weeks a pod of Orca have swum in these very waters past the house.  And no I couldn't see them despite looking desperately!

There's also bee a lot of haar (sea mist) around this last week. Here is the view above one evening....

And somewhere in here is a lighthouse!!

Then the mist will clear again.... Hoy was hanging onto the duvet in this photo.

Looks lovely though!

The grass is growing well now and I'm having to mow once a week.  Um..sometimes with a little helper!

How fast does this thing go?
Though once it gets too noisy she heads inside for a wee nap.


  1. I totally understand why you live where you do.
    It is beautiful.

    1. Yes it is! Though sometimes in deepest darkest winter, *I* wonder why I live here. Haha!

  2. There's no doubt you've got amazing views, though the cat doesn't seem to be too impressed. :-) That sunset is breathtaking.

    1. As long as Button has warm paws she's not much bothered about views. Haha!

  3. I like the glowing evening sky and the mist. Your home has wonderful views.

  4. Whilst it's a very beautiful place, but I'm not sure if I could cope with the isolation. I bet using that mower to is great fun.

    1. I'm a fairly solitary person, though there is a good community on the island so I have company if I want it. Plus a 15 minute journey by ferry to the small town of Stromness and Orkney Mainland where I have good friends. I have the best of both worlds for me, solitude, plus company when I want it!