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Monday, 4 June 2018

St Margaret's Hope

I popped down to St Margaret's Hope, (known locally as the Hup) last weekend.  To get to it I drive the length of the Orkney Mainland, over the Churchill Barriers, to what are known as the linked south-isles (linked by the barriers). The village reminds me of those in the South West of England, in Devon and Cornwall.  It's a lovely place.  In the photo above you can see a boat - this sails to Gills Bay on the Northern tip of Scotland and is a popular ferry route for folk travelling to and from Orkney as it is a fairly short sea crossing.

Along the harbour front....

The shore near the harbour

A local artist, Sheena Graham-George is converting a caravan into a travelling gallery space.  She's hand painting the exterior.  I just love it!  I want to live in it - well when it is kitted out inside, it's a bit bare at the moment!

I love the detail!  As I say, all hand painted....

And it looks great against the blue sky and the crow stepps of the old building next to it.


  1. What a lot of painstaking work on the van. I'm getting so I recognize some of the place names you mention. Great pictures.

    1. Hee hee yes I seem to return to familiar places. The caravan is wonderful and even better close up. I so want it myself!