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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Home delivery.....

On Graemsay "home delivery" has a whole new meaning.  Any furniture, building supplies, fuel, animal feed etc has to be craned on and off our passenger ferry. It can make it a nerve wracking experience seeing a new washing machine swinging from the cable over a trailer!

Above is a photo of some fuel being delivered, which is put onto the back of a trailer and taken to the farm or house.

Anything that is winched off the ferry is carefully guided (we hope!) to the trailer by the skipper on the boat.

And with assistance from a crew member....

Various household appliances have arrived this way.  I always hope for a calm, windless day with no rain!!  But it is all part of island living!


  1. Interesting to see how things operate on your island!

    1. Every island has different challenges to overcome as I'm sure you agree!

  2. Mary in Aberdeen27 June 2018 at 13:13

    I've found your blog! Thank you, the fine photos bring back happy memories of our 30th May visit when the weather was very similar, and I lost my binoculars which you have found, Hooray!