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Sunday 29 July 2018

Around Graemsay.....

A few pix from around Graemsay last week...... above looking over to Stromness with the MV Hamnavoe ferry in the harbour.

A slightly more distant picture with one of the old ruined crofts in the foreground.

And a bit closer....

And closer still!  This makes the ruin look as though it's part of Stromness!

The old quarry.  A lot of the stone from here went to build some of the crofts and other buildings around the island.  Now it's home to lots of aquatic insects, and the beautiful damselflies. It's also a feeding ground for many birds. Ah the cycle of life....  And of course local dogs love to swim in it!

Lots of wild flowers at the quarry. I love the smell of this wild thyme.

And the heather is looking glorious this summer...

Looking over to the old school, and the former schoolhouse.  The schoolhouse is a family home now.  The old school uninhabited....

Looking over to the Hoy hills across fields of bog cotton to the croft of Dean.

Closer look at Dean

Meanwhile back down at Sandside and the coral beach....

Good old Scottish thistles!

The old "Lighthouse" pier..... looking to the mouth of Scapa Flow.

The old sail shed where equipment, sails etc for the farm boats would have been kept.

Looking over to Stromness.... the tide is well out!

The sandy beach at Sandside!

And a calm night.....


  1. I expect the old crofts have many stories to tell. Is that an old winch to haul the fishing boats up I spotted. There must be a wonderful feeling of "safeness" on your island and the freedom to roam around at whatever time. Far different from living on the mainland I suspect.

  2. The thistles are certainly in abundance this year and the heather is such a feast for the eyes.