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Wednesday 25 July 2018

Sandside beach

Well one of them!  This is the sandy beach that makes up Sandside Bay.  It looks bigger than it is, or so many folk tell me.  But it's a lovely sandy beach and the island kids have great fun in the dunes. It can be a bit tricky to get down onto if you are less agile.  I sometimes slide down the dunes and scramble back up.  Or there is a track at the end used by tractors, but it is quite steep.  The birds love it.  Waders, ducks, Great Northern Divers etc.

When I first moved here there were seals basking on the sand for much of May.  But they seem to have moved on. Often around the shore but not on the sand.  These were grey seals which are known to move about so hopefully not a decline in their numbers, unlike the common grey seal (harbour seal) which is really struggling in numbers. I went to a fascinating talk organised by the Orkney Field Club where an Italian scientist told us about her 5 year project looking at the common (harbour) seals to try and determine causes for their decline.

Anyway, back to sandy shores (um...anyone remember Sandy Shaw, the bare foot singer of the sixties?).

It looks positively tropical!  Not *quite* as warm as it looks but still very warm for Orkney! Up to 23 degrees C some days.

Looking towards Quoys and Garson

The garden is in full bloom and generally recovered from the June stormy winds.  Though some plants decided to grow horizontally rather than try standing up again!

Especially the poppies....

I'm having some interior work done to a couple of rooms in the house so things are in disarray and Button and I are now sleeping in the upstairs "spare room" for a few weeks.  We have a different view.....

As long as Button's blanket is on the bed she is happy to sleep anywhere....

Though she tends to go outdoors when the noise is at the loudest!  Can you spot her? Hee hee not exactly a camouflaged cat!

And I think this might be a Button equivalent of a face-palm..... or maybe weeping at the reduction in sleeping time due to disruption.....

And a random photo of hens.... two-storey nesting... and NOT in any of the multitude of nest boxes provided either.  Rolls eyes.....


  1. Wonderful photos to remind me of our very brief visit in July! Can't wait to come back - especially if you can arrange the sun again!

  2. I like the last one of Button. The sand beach looks inviting as I sit here in 28 degrees if heat. Do the chickens ever use the roost boxes?

  3. when we had chickens in our old house, they all only ever used one nesting box ~ plainly, it must have been the "magic nest box" LOL

  4. Beautiful beaches and virtually people free I would imagine. Your garden is certainly looking much better than ours, and very colourful. The only thing thats done well this summer is my vine.

  5. I remember Sandy Shaw! She had the greatest hair. I love the photo of Button's face palm. LOL!