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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Back on Graemsay!

Copyright Sheena Graham-George

Yay!  I'm home after being away on holiday in Dorset, then after returning for 4 days off to Edinburgh for a work conference and then down to York for work.  Nice as all that was, it's good to be home! 

I hope to catch up with some posts shortly.  Meantime the photo above was taken by artist, Sheena Graham-George, on a walk along the top of the Orphir hills.  You can see the wee island of Graemsay  with a tiny white Hoy High lighthouse, as well as the Hoy hills in the background.  Shared with her permission, of course!


  1. Beautiful photo. Its nice to get away but there is no place like home.

    1. Absolutely. Though I came home to Autumn which was a bit of a shock! And the house is still in disarray but it is still home!!