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Thursday, 30 August 2018

A film around Orkney

Here's a short film from the air over Orkney (approx 16 minutes).  Rory Auskerry was visiting his family who live on the island of Auskerry in Orkney and took the chance to take a flight over the islands.

His introductory blurb of the YouTube video says:

Orkney looks amazing from the air! During a recent visit to my home county, my friend and fellow aviator Tommy Sinclair kindly took me up for a trip in his Jabiru J430 aircraft. We toured around the Orkney mainland and checked out some of the sights including the Old Man O' Hoy, Flotta Oil Terminal, The Kitchener Memorial, Brough of Birsay, Balfour Castle, Cubby Roo's Castle, Kirkwall Harbour and Deerness before landing back on Runway 24 at Lamb Holm. It was a beautiful clear day and I loved flying in the Jab and chatting to Tommy.


  1. Thanks for this , its great, and makes me want to visit even more.

    1. HOpefully you will one day! And you can take tea and cake with Button.... (well and me -haha!).