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Tuesday 28 August 2018


It was lovely to come home to a gorgeous sunset - at least I had something to watch when I had my "feet up"!

I'm having work done to the house including some decorating while I was away.  House is still in upheaval and Button and I are in the "spare room".  Button is learning to adapt.....

However, given half a chance she prefers to sleep on "our" proper bed......

But as long as she has a blankie to sleep on she is happy.....

And we have a different view from our bedroom!

Button has been inspecting the decorating...... I wonder if this is some form of "quality mark"?!!

All. Over. The. Floor....

But I've kept two for "pawsterity". LOL!


  1. Dogs and cats often prefer the owners beds, I wonder if its the owners "smell" that they like and so feel close to them. Having work done is much better than having to DIY.

    1. Yes quite probably. And cats are creatures of habit (whatever they might like us to think!). Yes I was never any good at DIY, and the secret of success is having the correct tools to do the work. I much prefer getting folk in to do it! Though it can take longer as there are gaps between availability etc.