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Wednesday 29 August 2018

Around Sandside.....

Many of my photos are from around Graemsay and more often, from a few hundred yards around the house.  With a poorly foot they are now largely through a window!!

Above you can see the sun has moved across to the horizon from mid-summer where it was behind the hills on the right of the above photo.  Sad face....

The harvest is almost done on Graemsay.  It's largely silage and hay for winter feed for cattle and sheep.  My field behind the house is rented out to a neighbour and they have used it for hay this year.

I was able to get out and feed the hens finally this week (a neighbour had been doing it while I was away, and then when I was incapacitated on my return).  Happy hen bottoms!

Some photos through the conservatory window of the changing weather.....

And of course, Button, sofa, lighthouse....

And outside the front door these wild daisies have done well this year..... even growing up through the bench!  Looking their best at dusk I think as the white is the last "colour" to go as night falls.


  1. Button, sofa, lighthouse... what a cozy atmosphere. Thanks for the photos from that remote little island, Sian. And I wish you a quick full recovery.

    1. Thank you! I'm much better now though ligaments taking a while. And yes now Autumn is here it's lovely to be cosy.

  2. Wonderful views from your window. Love it.

  3. I know I just LOVE the views!