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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Autumnal weather.....

These photos were taken last weekend.  Above, Hoy looking very moody.....

While I was feeding the hens showers were incoming!

The hens were happy for breakfast.  Though to be honest they have food "ad lib" in hanging feeders.  But they get treats in the morning so are happy to come and greet me....

Hmmm the treats are not supposed to include cat food (Charlie's breakfast). Wonder if they noticed I stole their eggs?

Button meantime stayed indoors keeping her paws warm.  She's woken up and having a yawn here... or complaining that she has to get up for dinner!

She's not a cat who sits in a box so it was a surprise to turn round and see this...... She does make me laugh!

And later during the weekend the sun came out (though it was still windy as can be seen by the "white horses" on top of the waves).


  1. Hi Sian,
    It’s that time of year when your weather and ours are pretty similar. New South Wales has been in drought which has made farming inland from the coast quite heartbreaking, although there’s been some good rainfall over the past week. We’ve been very lucky in Sydney, everything is lush and green. Keep well and warm!

    1. Oh my goodness I can't begin to imagine how bad it must have been for NSW and farmers. Glad all is well in Sydney. Wish we could hold onto our warm weather a bit longer. I know you wouldn't mind. Hahaha!

  2. The winds are stronger here, Autumn is here to stay.

    1. Yip! Though it was a lovely mild day yesterday and the same today without any wind. Glorious, like a proper autumn!

  3. Cats make me laugh, they look down on humans as inferior Cats!