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Friday 31 May 2019

I remember sunshine....

Sadly this week the weather has been chilly, breezy and today very very wet.  Leaving aside what is good for the garden, I'm grumpy as I want sunshine!  Anyway the previous week there WAS unshine so here are some pictures from then.....  Above Hoy High lighthouse, lovely to see kye (cattle) back in the fields after their winter inside in sheds.  Stromness and Orkney Mainland in the background across Hoy Sound.

Below, the remains of the old Sail Shed down near the "new" pier on Graemsay where our ferry comes in daily.  The shed housed what the name suggests - sails from the boats that most of the island folk had in the days before a regular ferry service! The hills of Orphir in the distance.

Looking the other way towards the old croft of Scarratain with a traditional grass roof.  Behind are the hills of Hoy, moorland, peat and heather....

The shore, and in the distance on the left you can see the outline of the small islands of Cava and the larger one of Flotta.  Flotta has an oil terminal on the island, although not as busy as in its heyday there is still a lot of activity there.  The island itself is fascinating to visit, with lots of wildflowers, other wildlife and WWII remains of gun batteries etc.

Viewing from Garson on Graemsay - Hoy High lighthouse, Sandside and the Orphir hills

There are a couple of bee hives on the island.  Here is one of the honey bees collecting some nectar from the many dandelions around.  You can see the sacks on the legs for collection.

Back home now - Hoy is under the duvet!

Meanwhile in the hen house the ladies are queuing up to lay eggs!

And here are some panoramas around the island. The "main road" from the top of Windbreck hill down to Sandside.

From the top of Windbreck hill heading down towards the main Graemsay pier.

Bottom of Windbreck hill


  1. Such wonderful pictures, thank you. I have been watching the Oban webcams today - my word, even wetter than it was when I was last there. I still want to be there again.

  2. Once again some fantastic photos such beautiful views you have. Sadly rain has been the order of the day recently, hopefully there will be sunshine today.