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Sunday 6 October 2019

October evening.

I've had problems getting photos from my phone onto my laptop, hence the lack of posts the last week or so.  I have narrowly avoided throwing said laptop out the window and seem to have persuaded it to accept a few photos today, so I'll take that!  So here are a few pictures from Friday night, which was a lovely mild, sunny, calm dry day.  Many farmers in Orkney were getting the last of the harvest in before the bad weather this weekend - gales.... well it is October.  Anyway - the calm before the storm...

Another view of the lighthouse....

The more conventional view again.... backlit by clouds.

The old buildings and Stromness in the background...

Button was out hunting for mice!

Hmmm her witches cat pose..... bit early for Halloween...

I love the sun on the sandstone, it gives it a lovely warm glow....

And I had chance to cut the grass too as it was such a lovely evening!

Hopefully back soon with some more photos..... if not you will hear me scream across the internet!


  1. It is very frustrating when your computer won't listen to reason. As I know all too well this week...

  2. Ah such pretty pictures.
    I like the sun on the sandstone too.

    1. Thank you! And welcome to Graemsay and my blog. Hope you are enjoying the photos :-)

  3. These are beautiful as usual!